Steve Reese

President: Reese Energy Consulting, Reese Energy Training

Natural Gas Basics, Gas Processing Contracts and Negotiations, Midstream / NGL 101

As President of Reese Energy Consulting, Steve Reese leads his executive team from offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. He offers more than 40 years of experience in upstream and midstream processes, energy marketing, and energy research projects and is one of the industry’s leading authorities in crude oil, natural gas, NGLs, and LNG. His expertise spans every major U.S.-producing basin and is sought out by the nation’s leading independent producers and midstream firms. Steve has managed literally thousands of natural gas transactions involving billions of cubic feet in all U.S.-producing basins and Mexico.

Steve also is President of Reese Energy Training, a nationally recognized energy education firm. His courses in Natural Gas Basics, Gas Midstream and NGL Basics, and Gas Processing Agreements have been shared with more than 10,000 industry professionals. Prior to launching Reese Energy Consulting and Reese Energy Training, Steve held positions with Getty and Texaco. He is an in-demand speaker and lecturer with past engagements for The Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission, The National Royalty Association, the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association, The Natural Gas Society of Oklahoma, and The Permian Basin Gas Society, among others. Steve is a frequent podcast guest on many energy platforms, including the Sandstone Group. He has become a respected thought leader on LinkedIn with over 35,000 followers. Steve and his family make their home in Edmond, OK.