At Reese Energy Training, we’ve brought together a remarkable team of industry-recognized experts who offer concentrated training in the ever-evolving energy world. Our instruction goes beyond the textbook, providing education and experience not find anywhere else.

Our instructors bring hands-on knowledge and unique perspectives to their courses via a virtual platform, providing new insights into the industry’s complexities. Together, we are committed to enhancing the value you bring to your company, whether you are entry-level or making executive decisions.



Reese Energy Training takes a revolutionary approach to higher learning, sharing wisdom and information that can take decades to develop. We stay current with the latest advancements in the industry and update our programs to provide practical problem-solving and time-tested skills.

Our reputation is built on trust. Energy companies nationwide rely on us to deliver actionable intelligence that creates value through their organizations. From the beginner to the mid-level executive looking to climb the corporate ladder, Reese Energy Training strengthens energy proficiency for critical everyday decisions.


NEW IN 2024

After receiving valued responses from the industry, Reese Energy Training is taking our knowledge and insight to a new level beginning in 2024.

Reese Energy Training is proud to announce a new collaboration with our colleagues at Energy Rogue. Energy Rogue is a marketing fundamental platform that prepares industry data, research, and pricing analysis (both domestic and foreign) to help energy companies make essential choices that impact their bottom line. Together, we operate as Reese Energy Training powered by Energy Rogue, and we’re thrilled to introduce a modern virtual learning experience by offering unparalleled training opportunities to enhance your knowledge of the energy industry.