The Energy Experts You Know.

Reese Energy Training has assembled one of the strongest, industry-recognized teams of energy experts to offer customer-focused training in the new energy world.  Our world-class, specialized instruction goes beyond the textbook to offer real-world knowledge and experience that simply can’t be duplicated.

Individually, our instructors bring hands-on knowledge and unique perspectives to their courses that engage participants and offer new insight across the energy complex.  Together, we share a commitment to enhance each participant’s value to the companies they work for—from those who work in the field to high-level decision makers.

Education in a Class of its Own.

Reese Energy Training takes a unique approach to higher learning by sharing critical knowledge and information that often can take decades to discover.  We regularly update our curriculum to keep pace with the latest advancements in the energy industry to deliver not only a wealth of empirical science but practical problem-solving and time-tested skills.

Our foundation is built on trust by the hundreds of energy companies across the nation that look to us to impart actionable intelligence that creates value across their organization.  From the beginner or new hire, to mid-level managers and executives, Reese Energy Training delivers the real-world knowledge that improves workforce performance and critical decision making.

Learn more about our courses and instructors, then contact us to see how Reese Energy Training can develop a customized curriculum specific to your company.