Course Descriptions

Natural Gas Basics
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Course Description: This is the crucial course for anyone seeking to understand the elements of the natural gas industry from exploration through delivery to the home or end user, commonly referred to as “wellhead to burner tip.”

Course Outline:

Some of the Basics Gas composition, measurement, heating value, and quality

Exploration and Production Mineral leasing, pipeline operations, the midstream sector, compression, natural gas processing, and fractionation

Pipeline Operations Pipeline right of way, high pressure compression, pipeline control centers, safety, storage, and liquefied natural gas

Pipeline Economics Pipeline economics, midstream economics, processing economics, LDC economics, transmission and transportation economics, interruptible and firm transportation, and natural gas hubs

Gas Contracts Midstream gas marketing, transmission and LDC areas, gas players, gas pricing, hedging, history of the exchange, and gas marketing strategies

Midstream and NGL Basics
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Course Description: This course will help those looking to master the ins and outs of the natural gas midstream and NGL industry. It gives an excellent view of gas gathering, processing, compression, treating, and the basics of the NGL processes, while also focusing on general operations, various commercial contracts, and the financial nuances of the gas midstream sector.

Course Outline:

The Natural Gas Grid  Gathering, transmission, distribution overview, gas composition and measurement, heating value, rich vs. lean gas, and gas quality

Gas and NGL Marketing Cash, index, and fixed pricing

Gas Gathering  Operational aspects, right-of-way’s, pressures, line sizes, and various commercial terms

Gas Compression / Treating  Low and high pressure, types of compressors, and types of treating

Gas Processing  Operational Overview, various plants / recoveries, U.S. gas processing data, commercial deals (P.O.P, P.O.I, and fee based), plant allocations and settlement statements, strategies, and contract language

NGL’s  What are NGL’s, fractionation, fractionator Data / locations, NGL markets, and pricing strategies

Form Contracts Processing Agreements, gathering contracts, NAESB Contracts, and NGL Specs 

Gas Processing Contracts and Negotiations
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Course Description: This course will help those looking to master the ins and outs of gas processing, such as mid-stream companies and companies considering developing midstream assets. Learn about the elements of gas processing and become familiar with key strategies for successfully negotiating a natural gas contract.

Course Outline:

Gas and NGL Marketing  Historical regulated times, restructuring, and deregulation

Gas Marketing  Market factors, cash, index, hedging, historical and future prices

NGL Marketing  Markets, transportation, fractionation, historical pricing, and indices

Processing Agreements  Historical processing and agreements, current and future players, historical and current margins, and, historical and current thru-puts

Styles of Agreements  Standard allocated P.O.P. deals, fixed fuel and recovery P.O.P. deals, keep whole and fee deals, and the evolution of processing deals and economics

Contract Terms and Language  Pricing, term, delivery points, pressures, quality specs, economics, measurement, force majeure,  and testing

Accounting and Negotiations  Plant settlement statements, negotiating fees and percentages, and customer relations and strategies

Natural Gas Transportation and Scheduling
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Course Description: This course is for those interested expanding knowledge about pipelines – the “highways” of natural gas. From transportation and storage to scheduling and pricing, this course explores the movement of natural gas from production to consumption.

Course Outline: TBD